Bargaining update # 2: Unifor serves D3 with notice to bargain

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|June 28, 2023

Unifor has reached the next milestone in the leadup to Auto Talks 2023 today by serving Ford, General Motors and Stellantis with notice to bargain on behalf of our 18,000 union members at the D3.

The union advised news outlets of this action in a media release that members can review here.

The next Auto Talks milestone is quickly approaching. All members should be advised that the union will begin negotiations with D3 automakers on August 10 in Toronto. Negotiations with the companies will follow in the order selected by Unifor, with the union conducting pattern bargaining to negotiate wage and work standards that apply equally across the Detroit Three.   

The union has also launched a new website for all union members at the D3 at The website is intended to be your one-stop-shop for everything related to this year’s negotiations. All future news and bargaining updates as well as helpful resources, key dates, video messages and more will be posted here so be sure to visit the website often.

Questions related to Auto Talks 2023 can be sent to [email protected].

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