Quick facts on Canada’s auto industry

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|July 20, 2023

Contract negotiations with the D3 are three weeks away. Auto bargaining is among Canada’s most important and significant labour negotiations. Auto bargaining affects not only you and approximately 18,000 autoworkers covered by these contracts, it affects our communities, tens of thousands of other workers in related industries, and the Canadian economy as a whole.

Canada’s highly skilled autoworkers help drive our economy, spurring vital economic growth, and boosting public spending by contributing hundreds of millions of federal, provincial and municipal tax dollars. We help build and maintain our infrastructure and fund our cherished social services like our public hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, and so much more.

Promoting the important contributions autoworkers make to Canada’s economy is a big job and it’s part of what Unifor does to ensure the auto sector thrives. It’s about keeping good, union jobs here at home.

Find out more from our Quick Facts on Canada’s Auto Industry resource about the importance of autoworkers to our economy and of Auto Talks 2023.

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